Ventura Landmark Homes

Ventura Landmark Homes

Dr. Cephus Bard House; 52 W. Mission

Built 1886, Designated April 1, 1991

Dr. Cephus Bard House

Dr. Cephus L. Bard, a Civil War veteran, followed his brother Senator Thomas Bard to Ventura in 1868. He was the town’s first American doctor and became very popular. He was a contributor to medical journals, an inventor, and a collector of Indian artifacts, sometimes accepting them in lieu of payment for his services. His collection forms the basis of the Ventura County Historical Museum collection. In 1902, Cephus and Thomas opened the Elizabeth Bard Hospital as a memorial to their mother. Dr. Bard was the first patient to die in the Bard Hospital later that year.

This house was constructed for Dr. Bard in 1886. It was originally located on Oak Street, where Dr. Bard had another residence. The house was moved to its current location in 1951. The house is one of the few Italianate structures remaining in the city and has maintained its elaborate Italianate details through the years. Noted characteristics include a slanted bay window with a mansard roof and decorative brackets and panels, an offset front gable with boxed eaves and cornice that returns with heavily carved brackets, and shiplap siding. The entry porch had been enclosed at one time in the past but has since been restored as an open porch with thin columns and decorative top brackets.