Ventura Landmark Homes

Ventura Landmark Homes

Robert Brakey Residence 413 Poli Street

(La Mer Bed; Breakfast)

Built 1890, Designated October 14, 1985

Robert Brakey Residence

The Brakey House was built in 1890 for Ventura’s well-known house mover, Robert E. Brakey. Mr. Brakey was a City Trustee in 1916-17 and owned a large portion of the hillside between Oak Street and present-day City Hall. His son, John R. Brakey, continued the house moving business and among his accomplishments was responsible for moving the Port Hueneme Lighthouse, which no longer exists. John also accumulated a large collection of historic photographs, which are now in the possession of the Ventura County Museum of History and Art. The Brakey family continued to live on the property through the 1930s. Although the Vernacular Victorian residence has been significantly altered over the years, it still retains characteristics of its original Eastlake influence. Today, the house serves as the La Mer Bed and Breakfast.