Ventura Landmark Homes

Ventura Landmark Homes

Arnold Residence 92 North Fir Street

Built 1907, Designated March 27, 2006

Arnold Residence

Built in 1907, this house is a very nice example of a Colonial Revival residence.  Colonial Revival details include Doric porch columns, curved brackets under the boxed eaves, and hipped dormer windows.  A slight flare at the edge adds interest to the combination hip and gable roof.

Construction on the house was begun by Matthew H. Arnold, a pioneer who came to California from the Midwest in 1859.  Mr. Arnold was a prominent rancher in Ventura County and served as a school board trustee and County Supervisor .  He died in 1906 before the completion of the house, but it was occupied by his widow, Eliza Arnold.  The house was later owned by J. D. Morrill, a Superior Court Judge, whose family owned Morrill Bros. Grocery in Montalvo.