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Nellie Clover House
857 E. Main Street
Built 1901, Designated November 1980

Nellie Clover House

This house is a fine example of a classical turn of the century cottage.  The Main Street lot originally belonged to Thomas Binns who died in 1891 and left the property to Eleanor Clover, mother of Melvin Clover.  Melvin married his housekeeper, Nelllie (nee’ de la Riva), and they first occupied the house in 1911.  Their marriage lasted less than a year.  The house was deeded to Nellie in 1913 and she retained ownership until her death in 1964.  The de la Riva family has a long history in Ventura , and the Binns were related to the Sheridans, another prominent family.

The house incorporates several distinctive architectural features.  A dentiled Italianate cornice surrounds the building.  A hipped roof with a large shingled pedimental porch is supported by classical Corinthian columns.  The shingled pediment features a Palladian style vent.  The building’s features also include narrow clapboard siding, bay windows and a decorative redwood front door with sunburst design.